Confluence Conference 2017

confluence conference 2017

Joe Martinez, our Senior Manager of Paid Media & Community at Granular, just presented at Confluence Conference for his second year in a row. Marketers in attendance learned how they can utilize Google Tag Manager to build higher-converting remarketing campaigns. By tracking how users interact with your website, we can use event categories, actions, and labels to create hyper-targeted remarketing campaigns within Google Analytics. This allows PPC marketers to focus audience targeting based on user intent instead of broad page visits. Check out the slides below.

Using Event Tracking to Create Higher-Converting Remarketing Audiences

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Joe Martinez

Joe is the Senior Manager of Paid Media & Community at Granular. Besides writing for Granular, he has written for PPC Hero, SEMrush, Leadpages, Optmyzr, BizTimes Media and more.Joe has also spoken at numerious conferences in the industry such as HeroConf, SMX, Confluence, Summit on Content Marketing and BizExpo. In 2016 he was named a Top 5 Rising Star in PPC from PPC Hero.